Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cos & Effect 2011

So after a long month and a half I am almost free to relax. But not quite yet.

I attended Cos & Effect in Vancouver this year. The first day I cosplayed Rei Ayanami, but as usual I forgot to get someone to take my picture with my own camera. And as usual, all the random anonymous people who asked to take my picture have apparently not posted them anywhere. Oh well.

Horray for a friend uploading a picture!

I bought a wa-lolita dress from the dealers' room and wore it later in the same day. I also bought a large stuffed angry bird.

Link has issues with feathered creatures.

Looking through my pictures, I have some to the realization that i don't take pictures anymore. I only have on photograph of cosplayers to show off. Just one.

It is Dr.Horrible and Snape at the Evil League of Evil Auditions Panel.

Best panel I have ever been to. To start it off, Darth Vader battled Buddha and Jesus. It just got better from there.

My awesome friend dressed as Link drove me to the con on Saturday, and back on Sunday.

 My teeny tiny hotel room, which sadly is only slightly smaller than my own room, and with a much better layout that makes it feel bigger than my room.

I ended up leaving the con early on Sunday, at about 2PM, and going to the Fabricana in Richmond and having proper ramen for the first time, as opposed to the instant noodle kind.

I saw the Miku Hatsune nendoroid that I wan badly in the capsel/toy store on the top floor of Aberdeen centre by the food court, but apparently it is not worth $100 to me. Too bad.

Then I went home and collapsed. My room really needs to be cleaned now...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

So I like wigs.

A lot.

The First Blog

And so I begin the magical journey into the world of blogging. I do hope it will be magical, and that it is a good world.

From what I can tell, blogs can be about whatever you want. Your life, your work, your play. My goal in starting a blog is to improve my writing ability, and join some of my friends on this blogging.

I do not know what this blog will be about. Maybe costumes, conventions, BJDs, photography, or my work towards my goal of becoming an illustrator.

Or I could always just rant. I hear that is a fun thing to do.